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While Keith Urban performs for fans across North America, he's also putting on virtual shows for fans in his homeland. 

Australia's Daily Telegraph says a new hologram of the country star was recently unveiled in Sydney.  The technological likeness of the singer played for fans at a local mall, and then invited audience members to join him in the performance.  Those who took the stage could choose from a variety of instruments, and the virtual Urban asked them if they wanted to play something fast or slow. 

Fan Sammy Vincent admitted it was a "weird and wacky way" to interact with the singer, but added that it was a lot of fun. 

Urban teamed up with Australia's ANZ Bank on the hologram project, which will spend the next several weeks touring the country.  Meanwhile, the real Urban will spend the next few months on the road in the U.S.  His next show will be in New York City on Tuesday. 

Photo: YouTube