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Rosanne Cash is standing up for musicians.  The country star was in Washington, D.C. Wednesday to testify at a Congressional hearing about music licensing and copyright laws. 

In a prepared statement she voiced her support for the implementation of a radio performance right for artist, as well as the Songwriters Equity Act and the copyright protection bill known as the RESPECT Act. 

Cash explained that she's "a fan of new technology" that provides greater music distribution, but those new technology-driven services are operating "under outdated and Byzantine laws" that keep songwriters and performers from receiving fair compensation. 

Cash said the Songwriters Equity Act would help artists challenge music licensing and royalty rates, which are currently not set fairly.  The current copyright law enables digital services to use music recorded before February 15th, 1972 without compensation.  Cash calls it an "injustice" to legacy artists "that defies description."  The RESPECT Act addresses this issue.  She added an appeal to consider musicians "valued members of American society" who deserve fair compensation "for fair, honest work." 

Rosanne delivered her testimony as a representative of the Americana Music Association. 

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