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Having a lukewarm opinion about Beyonce will turn you into an outcast in society these days -- at least that's according to the folks at "Saturday Night Live." 

The show is poking fun at the most hardcore of the superstar's fans with a fake trailer for a movie called The Beygency -- the secret agency tasked with bringing to justice any person who dares to question the power of the "Queen Bey."  Host Andrew Garfield plays a man on the run after a comment during a casual dinner party. 

Taran Killam stars as the head of the task force ordered to track Andrew down.  The government starts to erase him from the system, and he even gets a warning from Keifer Sutherland and Mary Lynn Rajskub in their "24" characters.  They are killed while trying to help him escape, but not before Sutherland as Jack Bauer reveals his Rihanna tattoo -- making him a traitor as well.  Andrew eventually ends up locked in a prison with a crazed fellow inmate, a young woman who tells him she ended up there because she didn't stand up and dance to "Crazy In Love" at a wedding.  

Check it out below!