Pimpin’ Joy is a movement dedicated to inspiring people to choose joy, spread happiness, and do good things for others.  It was first launched to honor co-host Amy and her mother Judy, who has been battling Cancer for two years.  Throughout their struggle, both women made a conscious effort to not let hardship or difficulty cause them to lose hope or positivity in their lives - instead, they choose to be happy, pass on joy, and influence others to do the same. 



To date, thousands of supporters have shared their Pimpin’ Joy efforts via Twitter and Instagram using #PIMPINJOY.  In addition, Country artist Walker Hayes recently wrote and dedicated a song to the effort called “Joy Like Judy,” which can be heard at pimpinjoy.com


This week is Pimpin Joy Week and we've got a video for our official song by Walker Hayes "Joy Like Judy"

Watch the video here:


And here's Walker playing it live on the show: