Top 10 Reasons why Kacey Musgraves didn't call the show even though we dedicated a day to her:

10. She was celebrating album of the year in Colorado and got side tracked. 

9. She was hard at work recording a duet with Chris Young called "Bobby Who?"

8. She was busy doing an interview with Mojo In The Morning

7. She was out toilet papering Miranda Lambert's new house in Nashville. 

6. She was busy finishing her taxes

5. Jokes on you Bobby! She called but Phone Girl Syd hung up on her. 

4. Just like Bobby, she threw her bag down so hard on someone's laptop computer but this time her cell phone broke

3. Her new favorite song No Kacey I Cry would stop being played if she called. 

2. She's following her arrow as far away from Bobby as she can get. 

1. She was too hungry and looking for snacks after doing that thing that is bleeped out of her song "Follow Your Arrow"