Who Is Cody Jinks? I'm Glad You Asked!

Cody Jinks, singer, songwriter and independent artist, burst onto the music scene just a few years ago with his debut album 'I'm Not the Devil' which peaked at #4 on the Billboard Country Album Chart. That had many in the industry asking, who is Cody Jinks? Well, he is a Texas boy who has stuck to doing his music his way, which has earned him the title of Outlaw. I admit he reminds me a lot of one of my all time favorite "outlaws" Waylon Jennings

I am a fan of his music, that I can only describe as hard edge Country! I assume that can be attributed to his "thrash metal" beginnings in a local Fort Worth metal band that Jinks fronted back in the late 90's. Fast forward to 2005 after the band called it quits, Jinks went back to his "roots" playing the Country music he grew up with. When I heard his cover of Merle Haggard's "The Way I Am" , I was HOOKED! Read more about Cody here and SEE HIM tonight at Ford Arena with Kicker 95.1! He puts on one heckuva live show and he is bringing another one of our favorites with him tonight...Wade Bowen!!!

Check out some of our favorites from Jinks to get ya ready for the show

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