TBT: Back On This Day, He "Popped The Question And She Said Yes!!

Garth Proposes To Trisha

May 25th 2005 Garth Brooks, who a week earlier that year at the ACM's press conference, eluded to a "big event" coming! Of course that led to a LOT of speculation but now we know what that BIG EVENT WAS! 

Garth and Trisha Yearwood were on hand at Buck Owen's Crystal Palace in Bakersfield, California for the unveiling of ten bronze statues of country music artists and Garth happened to be one of the artists who had a statue designed in his likeness. So as part of his proposal plan, he made a special request to sculptor Bill Rains to include a wedding ring on the statue's left hand. Yes he pulled out ALL the stops to make sure this would be a day Trisha would NEVER forget! In front of 7,000 people, Brooks led Yearwood over to the statue and pointed out the wedding ring. Once she realized what was happening, Garth whipped off his signature hat and fell to one knee and asked his fellow country star and girlfriend to be his wife. AWWWE!

Of course she said yes and 12 years later they are still going strong! I had the pleasure to talk to Garth a few weeks ago when he called in to Kicker 95.1 and the way he "gushed" over Trisha off the air as I was talking about how much I adore her, was like a love struck teenager. It was very very sweet to hear him consider her one of his biggest blessings and after all this years he still is "very much in love with his best friend"! We wish you two MANY more years and love and happiness!

Watch as Garth and Trisha opened up about their relationship last year on Live with Kelly And Michael (Now Live With Kelly and Ryan)

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