Woman Shares Her Story Of Confronting "Cruel Teens" In Target (WATCH)

Mary Katherine Backstrom,  self proclaimed "non confrontational"  mom and  easily intimidated, noticed 2 young teens in front of her in the checkout line at Target snickering and making fun of the gentleman checking them out who clearly had a deformity. Heart racing she nervously confronted the two and told them they were being very cruel to that man...but it didn't stop there. Watch below as Mary shares her experience...

Do think what she did was acceptable? Personally I applaud her. I come from a different time than today when I had not only my parents there to keep me in line, but it was perfectly acceptable for other parents to set me straight if need be!  I feel to many people turn a blind eye to bullying and cruelty and that is a BIG part of the problem in today's society. The teens in this case were apologetic and the other mom understood what her kids did was wrong so I think there is a lesson that we can all learn from here!!

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