This 13 Year Old Girl Is Truly A Hero (VIDEO)

Lila Szojka did something very heroic, saved a woman from choking and that woman happened to be her grandmother!! The incident happened this past March when the family went to their local Applebee's for dinner. The grandmother got a case of the hiccups and once the meal arrived she got a piece of baked potato lodged in her throat. She was unable to speak and began turning " bluish, purple".

Lila, who is a Girl Scout, had just completed life-saving training so she her mom asked her to help.She did the Heimlich and a few minutes after she started, her grandmother began coughing and was able to breathe again.

Her effort and quick thinking earned recognition and the Girl Scouts of America Lifesaving Award that will be given to her this Sunday.

As a footnote: Being a mother (and a daughter of a retired Fireman/EMT) I HIGHLY Recommend that everyone take CPR or some sort of life saving training because YOU never know when you may need it!! ~Tammy Daye

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