(WATCH) Special Moment Between A Young Fan And "Wonder Woman"

Comic Con is a fan's DREAM come true...getting to meet the heroes (and villians) that we love on the small and big screen. A great way to "mingle" and get the latest on our favorite shows, movies, and comics etc etc and from time to time things get a little crazy BUT THIS, aw, this was SO SPECIAL!!! 

Gal Gadot took time to talk with the girl, who was visibly moved as she met her "Hero" Dressed as her favorite Super Hero the young fan began to cry...The star comforted her gently grabbing her hand and told her "There’s no reason to cry, all right...Here we are together.” 

Gadot, you did something this little one WILL never forget and we thank you for being a GREAT role model!!!

AND oh can't fail to mention that another young fan caught during this clip...a young boy moved to tears after meeting "Batman" Ben Afleck. We LOVE stories like this!!!

NOW on to a totally different subject...we found out this past weekend, during Comic Con San Diego, Stranger Things On Netflix is RETURNING for Season 2!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! AND the trailer for The Walking Dead Season 8 premiered and I am SERIOUSLY about to stroke out!!! 

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