One Hurricane Harvey "Hero" Has The Girls Going CRAZY On FB

August 30th 2017 we felt the wrath of Hurricane Harvey that caused a HISTORICAL flooding event that we have NEVER seen before here in Southeast Texas. Hurricane Harvey may have caused devastion and destruction but he could not break our Spirit.I am NOT surprised at how we, as COMMUNITIES, came together because I knew that loving, caring and compassionate spirit was here all along (one of the reasons I love being from Southeast Texas) The world has literally had its eyes on us for the past week or so and I hope, if nothing else, we served as example to other parts of the Country that THIS is how it is done!!! God Bless everyone from the 1st Responders, Military, Volunteers, those who lost everything and still managed to help their neighbors, and EVERYONE who has worked tirelessly in trying to get our area back on track! 

On that dreary Wednesday while the flood waters were rising, people from EVERYWHERE came to our aid and there was one gentleman who came in to Port Arthur who was a bright spot who for the moment distracted us girls with his rugged movie star looks but he dug in like everyone else, rescuing stranded people in with his jet ski and assisting to evacuate elderly residents from the nursing homes. Facebook took notice, well the ladies did for sure!!! It all started with this selfie....

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Raz Halil, of Dickinson Texas, works for Prestige Oyster Inc and a member of the Gulf Seafood Foundation Board has made a lot of female fans!! He even has his own Facebook Fan Page now!! Not sure what he thinks of his new found "popularity" but the young man from Dickinson, Texas was one of many "heroes" we are eternally grateful for. God Bless You ALL!!!

Just a few of the HUNDREDS of comments from the ladies who took notice of this hunky hero....

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