Where Were You September 11 2001? (VIDEO)

Today a day in American History that will forever be etched in our minds. 16 years ago, the worst act of terrorism on American soil with 2,977 people killed in New York, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, along with the 19 hijackers who flew the planes into the World Trade Center's twin towers in New York and one into the Pentagon. The remaining jet crashed in Pennsylvania after passengers overpowered the hijacker. 

It doesn't seem like 16 years ago to me! In fact I vividly remember exactly what I was doing that day our Country changed forever!! I was sick and called into work and I had snuggled up with some cold medicine and was pretty drowsy and groggy when my then boyfriend came home aburptly from work which threw me off. He was a delivery driver and said he tried calling me and stopped by worried and asked if I watched any of the news. I had not but he immediately turned on the TV and to my horror trying to figure out WHY an airplane was sticking out of the World Trade Center. Being naive (well noone knew at the time) to the "accident" until the second plane came and I cried out! It became ALL too clear this was NO accident! As the story unraveled and America realized we were under attack, my heart hurt so bad and my mind wasn't able to comprehend the violence perpertauted on us that day! 

Today as we remember 9/11 join me in remembering the lives that were lost and honor their memory AND to honor the Heroes of 9/11! God Bless America!

September 11th As It Happened Live News Montage (scroll down for video)

Tammy Daye

Tammy Daye

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