The 69th Annual Emmy Awards Got Awkward For Dolly Parton

I remember a time I looked forward to watching the Award's Shows. I LOVED watching the Red Carpet to see the beautiful gowns the actress's adorned, seeing the who's who of Hollywood and to see if my favorites would take home some "metal" that night. Well lately it's become "painful" to watch and I personally do not bother anymore. With that being said, I was NOT watching last night's Emmy Awards but the moment that left, a normally talkative, Dolly Parton speechless was seen this morning as I was scrolling through Facebook. In typical fashion, the awards show turned to a political forum! Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda along with Parton stepped out on the stage reuniting the "9 to 5" stars 37 years later and what could've been a nice moment (loved that movie) it turned into a bashing that apparently took Dolly by surprise. Not sure if she had lines to begin with but if she did, she remained silent during the cringeworthy moment. 

No matter what side you are on, I don't care. This is what makes America great! We are entitled to believe what we want and Free Speech, well yes but maybe I'm just "old fashioned" and long for the days when Awards Shows were just about the Industry and celebrating the accomplishments of the actors, actresses, writer so on and so forth. 

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