Chicago Cubs Shortstop Brings Opposing Team's Fan Nachos (WATCH)

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If you're a baseball fan like I am, you know it's down to the wire as the regular season winds down and the playoff's begin. Every fan hopes their team will continue on to the playoff's and emotions are running high for the team and their fans!! Last night, the Cubs were in St.Louis moved one game closer, after beating the Cardinals 10-2, to another division title BUT that is not what got our attention last night...I'm may not be a Cubbies fan (sorry brother and sister-in-law) BUT I am now a fan of Addison Russell, the 23-year-old Cubs Shortstop! During the second inning of the series opener between the Cubs and Cardinals, he went headfirst into the stands to attempt a catch and crashed into a Cards fan AND DESTROYED his nachos!! Russell then had a new batch delivered to the fan!! Well, his team may have lost last night but I think he had a night at the Ballpark he will never forget!! These are the moments and stories I WANT TO HEAR MORE OF coming out of the World of Sports j/s! 

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