Stranger Things Season 2 Is COMING!!! *OFFICIAL TRAILER*


First I want to preface this by saying I am not a binge-watcher. No really, I don't have the attention span for it. I also have to say that aside from The Walking Dead and Criminal Minds there aren't too many TV shows that captivate me. Well that was until I found this little gem of a show. I was behind and started watching Stranger Things earlier this year on Netflix (it came out in 2016) and I was HOOKED. I heard some buzz about it from some friends and thought I'll check it out since it is set in my favorite decade (THE 80's... TOTALLY AWESOME) I will not go into details about the first season in case you have not seen it BUT I will say that when I watched the final episode (8 in all) I WANTED MORE. So needless to say I am SUPER happy that Stranger Things is back for another season and from what the reviews are saying, ST fans will not be disappointed!!!  

This Friday (October 27th) Stranger Things Season 2 returns to Netflix and promises to keep the "soul" of what made the 1st season so popular..."a story about friendship, family, and giant piles of ‘80s nostalgia" 

SPOILER FREE Review of Season 2

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