VIDEO: If "Angels Are Among "Us, He Is TRULY One Of Them!!!

Jim probably don't know the name BUT you know the man, well if you have been in Southeast Texas any amount of time!! In the  80's he became "king" of middle-of-the-night advertising"! Once cable was available (yes young ones, back in the day you could count on one hand how many channels you could watch, but I digress) the commercials aired CONSTANTLY during late programming and were extremely cheesy BUT obviously effective! YES He IS "Mattress Mack" who will "SAVE YOU MONEY" for over 30 years now!  Awwww NOW you know who he is BUT he is MUCH more than the owner of Gallery Furniture and a Houston businessman!  McIngvale and Gallery Furniture are and have been  involved with numerous charitable projects! Lately "Mattress Mack" has been in the news for everything he did in the wake of Hurricane Harvey for displaced Houston residents, THEN he goes and charters a flight sending Hurricane Harvey First Responder's to Game 6 of the World Series in Los Angeles (ALL EXPENSE PAID TRIP mind you) and NOW he is hosting a MASSIVE Thanksgiving Feast on Thanksgiving Day (see below) 

You are one amazing man, or what I would call, an ANGEL! God Bless You Mattress Mack!!

Sign Petition To Name Street After Mattress Mack 

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