Are You "Challenged" Like Me At Wrapping Gifts? Then Watch This


When it comes to gift wrapping, you either can or can't....I CAN'T!! I mean I can put wrapping paper on a gift but it looks like I did it in the dark, WITH MY FEET! I just have no patience, a steady hand or the knack for it. I envy people like my best friend Dianne who always has "ninja like" gift wrapping skills. Her gifts are wrapped beautifully whereas mine looks like a 2-year-old did it. So yes I can't wrap gifts well and by the thought of wrapping gifts...visual representation below!!!

Yes they have 'professional gift wrappers that can do it...I just rely on my husband to take care of that task because he's pretty good at it actually but more importantly it doesn't take him hours to wrap a couple of gifts. (true story) But if you really want to take the time to learn instead of depending on others I have shared a great "tutorial" and gift wrap hack video below that will help alleviate the gift wrapping anxitey and frustration. You're welcome

How To Wrap Christmas Presents....The RIGHT WAY 

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