Have You Ever Dreamed Of A Deceased Love One? What Does It Mean??


I feel like I have lost more loved ones than the average person. I mean I  was "introduced' to death at a very young age and the first was a TREMENDOUS loss of my young mom when I was 7. Over the years I would dream about her and I always felt some sense of comfort but also felt like I lost her all over again upon waking. 

Pictured below my momma and a baby Tammy Daye :) 

Since then I have tragically lost family members namely an aunt and cousin who were killed by a drunk driver in 1988 and they seem to be the ones who "visit" me the most in my dreams. SO MUCH in fact I finally said I have to find out what this, if anything, means because it was affecting me emotionally! I was extremely close to them so it shouldn't surprise me that  they would appear to me! But in the dreams they appear as if nothing ever happen and I (in my dream) would tell them "you died" and they would giggle and say no, we are here. OK that was it, I started researching online, talked with Christian counslers to explain WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!?!? Sadly, I didn't get a single answer, I GOT SEVERAL so depending on what you believe because some theories were REALLY far-retched. I do  feel there IS a reason just not sure if it's truly a "message" or it is because I haven't come to grips with the devestating loss and I'm subconciously trying to cope I don't know but I have shared a few meanings that I find plausible. Feel free to comment below with your input because I KNOW I am not the only one but want to hear your take on it.  Below are a few views on the topic....


From the book "Finding The Meaning In Dreams" by G. William Domhoff  I found a  chapter that reveals findings in a study of  "Dreams of Deceased Love Ones" very interesting and probably the one I found to be the most helpful AND comforting.

Tammy Daye

Tammy Daye

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