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Thanks to our friends at we are going to "test" your knowledge of Country COVERS! Now, I don't wanna brag but when it comes to music I am like a walking encyclopedia...I KNOW music but I only got 6 out 10 so if you do better than that...YOU ARE A GENIUS!!! First I am going to give the title and artist of who "covered" it and you guess who orginally did it! Yeah a little harder than you think...For the answers watch the video at the bottom of the page! mmmm k let's do this......


Reba McEntire Released Fancy in 1991 but who orginally released it in 1969???


Ol Red from 2001 was a big hit for Blake Shelton but it was orginally recorded by this Country Icon in 1990 and featured on his album "You Oughta Be Here With Me" and never was released as a single. BUT Blake was not the only country star to cover and release it! Kenny Rogers released his version of Ol Red in 1993...hmmmmm so who ORGINALLY recorded it?? (And yes I missed this one which should embarrass me *hint hint*)

On to the next cover song which is a little easier.....

Dolly Parton actually won a Grammy award for her cover of the popular song she released in 2001 but who orginally had a hit with "Shine" in 1994? 

Ok that one was easy and well, so is this next one so you may be feeling REALLY smart now...good. Dwight Yoakam *pant pant* who had a Top Ten Hit in 1987 (went to #7) with a song that has been covered NUMEROUS TIMES....

"Little Sister" was a Top 5 hit   (in fact only went as high as #5 on the chart)  for the original artist in 1961. Who was it?

WELL I told you it was going to be EASY lol so let's keep it moving....

Absolutely my favorite Garth Brooks song that isn't even "his". In 1991 "Shameless" became Garth's seventh #1 Hit on the Country charts but was only at Top 40 pop hit for its original artist. Can you name that guy?

Yeah, that was REALLY a tough one so NOW we are going to get a little tougher on ya....

Leann Rimes was ELEVEN years-old when she first recorded the song "Blue" but she was 13 when she re-recorded the single for the B-side of her debut single "The Light In Your Eyes" but a "promo tag" which included a snippet of Rimes singing Blue sent radio stations into a frenzy and the single garnered air-play that made the cover-song a huge Summer hit in 1996 from the young lady who had a voice bgger than she was. Others have covered the song over the years that was recorded the first time in 1956 but with little success. Who was the Disc Jockey who was the original artist of "Blue"? Hmmmmm yeah I didn't get it right so don't be discouraged if you don't either but if you do, WOW you're good!!!

ok since you're feeling pretty confident now...let's see how smart you really are! Jason Aldean had a huge sing along hit in 2006 with "Amarillo Sky".....

Now this is kind of a "trick question" because in fact the song was co-written by Big Kenny and John Rich (Big & Rich) and was recorded by John Rich for his solo album (pre Big & Rich days) BUT it was never released as a single...So if you answered John Rich YOU ARE AMAZING but since it was just an album cut we want to know the group that originally RELEASED the song as a single in 2002. Do you know??

Well don't feel too bad if you missed that last one  because I did too AND I didn't get this next one either :( 

Florida Georgia Line covered the song "Stay" which was originally recorded and released 2011 by this American Rock Band....FLA/GA would release their version a year later. Who is the original artist?

Well down to the wire and to our ninth cover song which was a hit in 1996 for the Super Duo Brooks and Dunn.

"My Maria" was a BIG hit in 1973 for the gentleman that wrote and performed it...who was it?

OK we have finally made it to the final song in our quest to see how well you know your country...

ALTHOUGH there have been BOO COOS (that's a southern thing lol) of remakes of the song

Willie Nelson had a hit with it and it was a MUCH different style from the Red Headed Stranger than we were accustomed to but it worked and "Blue Skies" was a Number One single for the Country Outlaw in 1978 but who did the song FIRST????

Whew that was a lot of work lol so now scroll down to watch the video to discover the answers and 'thanks for playing along"

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