VIDEO:Ride On The Texas Cyclone Once More!


Join me as we go back in time on this Throwback Thursday and re-visit one of my childhood "stomping grounds". I loved growing up here in Southeast Texas and I always thought living so close to the Beach and  Houston was the coolest!!! Just a short drive and the family could enjoy a day-cation at some of the best attractions that our area had to offer and back in the day one of those attractions was Astroworld.  Oh it was the best time of my life going to the now defunct amusement park.  It officially closed it's gates in 2005 and now there is no trace of the once thriving tourist attraction..  just an empty lot where it once stood across NRG Stadium. I just remember we would drive 610 Loop and one of the first things we would see was THE BIG ROLLER COASTER and we knew we were close!!!  In 1976 Astroworld introduced us to the Texas Cyclone, a wooden roller coaster modeled after the famous Coney Island Cyclone. In fact, management originally wanted to move THAT coaster to Astroworld but decided to build their own "faster, taller, mirror-image version." I have visted the park on numerous occasions and I even stood in line a few times to ride the coaster but always chickened out. I'm not big into adrenaline rushes so I never did ride and part of me regrets that now because it was kinda part of "history" but today we can all "ride" and in the front which was the BEST way to ride. Watch the video below and hopefully it will bring back some good memories for you too. 

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