A "Red Hot" Experience For Couple, Just Not The One They Planned ON


So you want to get your girlfriend the "perfect gift" for Valentine's Day? Do yourself a favor, check, double-check, even TRIPLE-check to make sure that gift was the gift you intended before you pay for it and have it all planned out! 

Case in point.... Duncan Robb, a well-meaning boyfriend in England wanted to buy something he knew his girlfriend would love (it was actually for Christmas but that is neither here nor there) he found a "bargain" online for concert tickets to see her favorite band,  the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who were performing in Belfast, Ireland so Duncan jumped on it. Booked the flight and they were good to go....or so he thought. The Wednesday before the weekend they were to leave on their getaway, Robb's girlfriend happened to notice the concert tickets were not to see the California rock band she loved so but, wait for it.........

 It was tickets to see the Red Hot Chili PIPERS.....

Sorry (not sorry) but that is FUNNY. Now Duncan may have made a slight mistake but they went on the getaway as planned and it turned out it wasn't as bad as it sounds. In fact he was seemingly impressed with the  musical act self billed as "the most famous bagpipe band on the planet." 

And it just so happens I found a video (scroll down) of the Red Hot Chili Pipers doing there thing and really, they aren't half bad but when you have your heart set on PEPPERS and get PIPERS instead, well it's a little disappointing I'm sure.....

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