Things That You Will Understand Only If You Are A Texan


Happy Birthday Texas!!! My home state that I love and I am proud of!! It never occurred to me until I was older and traveled that Texas it's like a whole 'nother world to "Non-Texans" and there are a few things we have to "explain" to people who weren't fortunate enough to be born and bred here ;) 

I know y'all is not just a Texan thing, more of a Southern thing, but we do say it a lot!! More of a Texan'ism is "Fixin To" something you may need to "translate" for the out-of-stater. Used in a sentence "I am fixin' to tell you about "MY Texas"

Ok let's get to things only a Texan would understand..........

1. In Spring we will drive until we find em and pull off the road to take pictures in a field of Bluebonnets. Who else does that???  Here is my son and me a few years ago in Bastrop and we obviously aren't the only ones! 

2. Floating/Tubing  On The River

If you have to ask, then you probably are not from Texas!  It's a party on a tube as you float down the river with your beverage of choice while you soak up the sun on the Guadalupe, Comal, or Frio which are ALL great choices!!! 

3. Anything other than Texas BBQ IS NOT BBQ!!! 

The Best BBQ Place In Texas

4. Football Is LIFE!!

No really, football, especially High School Football is like a Religion in Texas!!!

5. Almost as important as football are the Homecoming MUMS.... which could also fall under #6 on our list :O

6. Everything Is BIGGER in Texas 

That is not just a boastful statement IT'S TRUE! Things That Are Definitely Bigger In Texas

BUC-EE'S our "convienence stores" that are bigger than most grocery stores....

7.Shiner Bock 

8. Whataburger

9. If It Ain't Blue Bell Ice Cream, it AIN'T Ice Cream

10. We call all soda COKE...not sure why but we do.

11. Chips and Salsa IS one of our major food groups

12. Tacos are pretty important too in fact we have discovered how to make them part of every meal BREAKFAST LUNCH AND DINNER


13. Texas, the only State it takes a day (or more) to drive clear across

For example, if  you drive from Beaumont to El Paso, you are closer to Los Angeles than to where you started, and you are STILL in Texas. 

14. Texans wear strange things in Winter  

Since a TRUE Winter is a rarity in Texas we don’t have the right attire when a cold snap hits. It’s not too uncommon to see a person in a parka and basketball shorts, or a hoodie and leggings, and flip-flops with both of those outfits. Of course Texas is the only place you have ALL FOUR SEASONS in one week too

15. Finally, we like Texas shaped things....and we are the ONLY state that has a WAFFLE shaped state (not bragging or anything)


I know they are LOT'S more about our great state that would probably need explaining but I don't have all day so we invite you to come visit. We pride ourselves on hospitality and would be glad to show ya around and share all the many unique, quirky, and amazing things we do here in the Lone Star State.  Not too mention we have LOT'S of beautiful sights to see and you may just decide you don't ever wanna leave ;)


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