Daycare Employees Charged For Drugging Children In Their Care


Des Plaines, Illinois- Daycare teachers Kristen Lauletta, 32, Jessica Heyse, 19, and Ashley Helfenbein, 25, have been charged after Des Plaines police received a call from the management at Kiddie Junction Educational Institute, a licensed and accredited facility caring for infants to kindergarteners. An investigation uncovered the three had given gummy bears laced with the over-the-counter sleep aid Melatonin to a 2 and 3-year-old class in an effort to coax them to sleep. 

The teachers told officers “they did not think administering the melatonin laced gummies was inappropriate as they were an over the counter sleep aid,” police said. Full story at

When I was younger I worked at many daycare centers here in Southeast Texas and I find this disturbing! The fact that the accused claim they didn't think what they were doing "was inappropriate" is ridiculous!!! Granted they are young but ignorance is no never ever ever give anything of that nature to a child unless you have the permission from a parent! They didn't know if the child was allergic or if it could cause adverse affects. I think the charges are just but want to hear from you. If you have a child in daycare, how do you feel about this? Should they have been charged? Share your comments in the comment section below.

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