(WATCH) Is Yelling At Your Child Harming Them???

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I happened to come across a "study" recently but let me say one thing before I go any further...when it comes to studies on how to "correctly discipline your child", NOW that I am a mom, really irk me. Why? First of all, every child is different. What "works" varies. No I am NOT an EXPERT but I am a parent. So with that being said, I read an article discussing parents yelling at their child and the effects it has on their development.  I read what the "experts" had to say and I am not going to say they are completely wrong but I AM A YELLER. Perhaps I could take their advice and learn to discipline my child in a more "soothing and calming way" *eye roll* yeah that would work NEVER!!! Now let me also say I am not talking VERBAL ABUSE, that is unexcusable no matter what!!! Personally I am talking about yelling to get my child's attention to make him realize momma ain't playing and BELIEVE ME it works with my child! It may be different for your child, you could calmly tell them to clean their room, or go to bed, or whatever and perhaps they will the first time you tell them. Not my child!!! However, my 9-year-old is also smart enough to know I am not normally a yelling lunatic until no one listens. (Oh I yell at daddy too and we love each other very much) So I AM A YELLER and if I felt that this was harming my child, yeah, I would consider the "options" but he is a very good child and more importantly DISCIPLINED! Not afraid of mommy and not abused but has a reverent fear and that my friends is what is MISSING from this generation of children in my opinion. NOW we want to hear from you...comment below with your thoughts on "yelling at your child" 

Below watch popular mom-blogger Meredith with her funny and entertaining take on us "yellers"

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