Perms Are Apparently Back And We Are Having Really Bad Flashbacks!!!

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Being that I was a teenage girl in the 80's I know ALL TOO WELL about "the Perm" At the time it was the THING. The Bigger The Hair The Better.

That is NOT a picture of me but to give you an idea of what I was "rockin'" in the 80's I give you the "Waterfall" perm!!  The long mane with RIDICULOUS bangs was my look and yes it took A LOT OF TIME and HAIRSPRAY to get that look. It's a miracle I am not (or am I???) brain damaged from all the aerosol I inhaled in the 80's OR from inhaling the UGH AWFUL Chemicals that I can STILL smell from the perming process

But we had a "variety" to choose from....

The Spiral

The Ear Muff

The Curly Mullet

oh but girls were not the only ones who wore the curly mullet....I present Exhibit A

ok so you get the idea...80's perms were, well, BAD and so WHY would anyone want to bring back the perm?!?!? After doing a little "research" it may not be as bad as I originally thought. You have to understand, I "lived" through the permed hair era and luckily still have all of my own hair but I know some people want a little more body or curl and it appears the modern perm, as you can see below,  is a lot more SUBTLE thank goodness.

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