WATCH:What Moms REALLY Want For Mother's Day

Blessed to be his mommy!!!

Blessed to be his mommy!!!

I have only been a mom a short time (my little dude above) but it's the hardest job I have ever had AND the MOST rewarding!! I LOVE being his mom but  when it comes to Mother's Day, like all mom's I know EXACTLY what I want.....

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With another Mother's Day approaching us moms would lovingly like to share the things we would much rather have than another gift. PERSONALLY, I would love to have peace and quiet along with a clean house and a day I can just lounge around in my pj's and do NOTHING!! THAT would be my "ideal" Mother's Day gift...Hey I love receiving gifts but there are somethings $$$ just can't buy. 

So mom's WHAT do you REALLY want???? Whatever it is we hope all of you amazing, beautiful, strong, incredible moms have a GREAT day because YOU DESERVE IT!!

Watch video of How mom's really want to spend Mother's Day below

See it's pretty universal that most moms just want to RELAX and take a break for just one day from "mom duties" so we hope this was "helpful"! If not, here are the "Best and Worst Gifts For Mother's Day" to ensure you stay mom's #1 favorite child =) and if you're an only child don't make her regret having "that child"  (just kidding, mom loves you unconditionally that is what makes her so AWESOME)

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