(VIDEO) The Evolution Of Women's Swimsuits

Oh, we know society now is a lot more lax and modesty is a thing of the past however there was a time when women did not DARE to show skin, EVEN at the Beach, because it was a a no-no. Case in point...pictured below is the swimsuit police (I am not making this up) measuring for length violations .In some cases, women were ARRESTED for being in violation. 

Police check for "length" violation...can you imagine??

Police check for "length" violation...can you imagine??

 Ok, let's fast forward to when the modern-day swimsuit was first introduced in 1946....and  no one was arrested  however, designer Louis Réard DID have a hard time finding a woman who was "brave enough" to model his new risque swimwear that exposed the naval and part of the butt! (for shame) The Parisian designer finally hired a 19-year old French nude model who rose to the challenge of modeling the skimpy design that was introduced on July 5, 1946 at a fashion event in Paris (see below)

Scroll down (video below) to see more interesting tid-bits about how women's swimsuits have evolved over the years......and happy swimming, tanning, bathing, or whatever you're doing in yours lol 

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