VIDEO:Bodycam Captures Dramatic Rescues

Living along the coast we have our share of natural disasters. We are familiar with the devastation caused by tropical storms and hurricanes and the sense of helplessness in the aftermath. It's an awful feeling but with those type of disasters at least we can prepare for it to some degree; wildfires...I mean HOW do you even prepare for that?!?!? I can't even fathom the fear of knowing that a wildfire is raging out of control and headed toward your home and if it's not contained, total loss!!! People who live in California are fully aware of the risks just like we know that we are susceptible to hurricanes because we live in a coastal area but this year's wildfire is already the sixth-most destructive fire in the state’s history. 

Over the past weekend a dramatic rescue at an animal shelter that was in the path of one of the wildfires was caught on an officer's body cam;  sad reminder that natural disasters affects EVERYTHING in it's path and animals are, in every sense of the word,  helpless!! Thank God for these officers for stepping in and saving these babies. Watch the rescue as it unfolded below.  

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As we watch the devastation unfold on tv and social media we are also seeing stories of hope and inspiration, courage and strength. There is one story in particular that made me smile..a family who was forced to evacuate were "quite shocked" at what they found when they returned hom ...get the story here

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