Would YOU Pay $1500 To Attend A Wedding??? Uh NO

In a story that I will say is probably one of the PETTIEST EVER, a Twitter user brought to our attention a Facebook post from a Wedding Shaming group they are a part of...scroll to bottom of the page to view (WARNING Content Contains EXPLICIT Language!)

To sum it up, without the explicit rant from an obviously delusional person, a bride-to-be only known as Susan had planned a lavish wedding that was going to cost approximately $60,000. Well the couple who are childhood sweethearts canceled days before the ceremony because they were struggling to pay for it and that is when the the bridezilla melted down and blaming her family and friends for her having to cancel "her fairy tale" wedding because they didn't want to pay $1500 to attend. And apparently the  groom-to-be decided not only to cancel the ceremony but end the relationship all together. Smart move dude!!!  Here are some excerpts from the post....

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