Student Is Punished After Calling Teacher Ma'am

This story has left me baffled so I wanted to share in hopes someone out there could explain to me why the term ma'am was apparently an inflammatory word to the teacher in this situation. I am from the South, born and raised, and the term ma'am and sir is just, well, respectful. I still to this day call people ma'am and raise our son to do the same so I can understand the mom's frustration when her son got in trouble for doing what was raised to do...BE a RESPECTFUL YOUNG MAN!! Now before any feathers are ruffled here I am trying to understand WHY the teacher reacted like she did and even tried to give her the "benefit of the doubt" however as you will see, her "justification" is a bit um unjustified in my opinion. And honestly I don't think using the word ma'am should be considered a "southern thing" but something you do because it's a sign of being raised up RIGHT! Read the full story here and share your thoughts in the comments. 

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