Hurricane Ike Ten Years Later

Pictured below "The Last House Standing" after Hurricane Ike slammed into the Bolivar Peninsula

As all eyes are on the Carolina's and praying for everyone who is in the path of Hurricane Florence, it comes with little solace that the storm has weakened to a Category 2 storm, If you remember, AND I DO, back on this day September 13th 2008 it was a Category 2 storm that slammed into Galveston Island in the early morning hours then continued inland  causing so much devastation and billions of dollars in damages. 

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Hurricane Ike was an unwanted guest as many in our area were still reeling from Hurricane Rita which was a Category 3 when it made landfall 3 years earlier. I pray that people are heeding the warning and have evacuated because (as you can see below) a category 2 storm with storm surges like is being predicted with Florence is deadly!! 

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