TRENDING: Mom Accuses Airline Employee Of Name Shaming

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The story about the Texas mom accusing a Southwest Airline Employee of mocking her 5-year-old daughter has me ready to fire off BUT before I do,  just incase you missed it somehow scroll down to watch the video containing the story! 


Ok, you got all of that? Now the statement I am about to give is strictly my opinion and in no way is meant to say the mom is wrong (or right) I mean if the airline employee did this to a child, yes that IS a problem HOWEVER this is for the mom AND anyone who is "in-charge" of naming their children....The child doesn't have a choice of what they are named PARENTS, you DO!! You  REALLY need to consider the consequences of WHAT you name your child.  Oh, you want a "unique" name for your child (Abcde is no doubt unique) you want your child to "stand-out" Well what you're really doing is putting a moniker on your child that will not only STAND OUT but will also garner attention, some of which will be NEGATIVE. I hate this poor child was publicly ridiculed. No really. it is not funny and what this employee allegedly did is unacceptable but if you're going to give your child a "unique" name,  you  need to toughen up and be ready for the "looks, finger-pointing and giggles" because,  she said it herself, not all people are nice. 

Ok I will jump off of the soap box now but I want to hear your thoughts on this situation. Comment below 

Tammy Daye

Tammy Daye

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