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Sadly we live in a day and age where somewhere at any moment there is someone who will be offended by something...I have come to accept that sad state of affairs HOWEVER recently with the "banning" of a a timeless Christmas classic because the lyrics were "deemed offensive and promotes rape" I was like HOLD UP!! So lemme make sure I understand this...a certain genre of music filled with profanity, objectifying women, promoting violence and who KNOWS what else is ok?!?!?  OF COURSE IT'S NOT BUT I chose not to listen AND THAT IS exactly what the person or persons who are saying "Baby It's Cold Outside" can do...DON'T LISTEN TO IT!  I am not sure where you hear the underlying rape themes, but if you feel that that strongly about it then let the banning begin BUT where is it going to stop?!?!? Just my thought on it and MY opinion but please don't ruin Christmas for the rest of us. There ARE MUCH BIGGER issues that we should address rather than a harmless Christmas song  Ok off the soap-box. Now to the more politically correct version which is meant as tongue in cheek but is about as ridiculous as banning the song itself. Gotta laugh to keep from letting the craziness overtake me!! 

Tammy Daye

Tammy Daye

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