WATCH: NFL Bad Lip Reading Because We NEED A Laugh

The NFL Regular Season is over and the playoffs for the next couple of weekends to see which two teams will be heading down the road to Superbowl XLIII in Atlanta February 3rd. Colts & Chiefs this Saturday at 3:35pm (CT) on NBC,  Cowboys & Rams later at 7:15pm (CT) on Fox. Then Sunday the remaining teams duke it out. Chargers & Patriots 12:05pm (CT) on CBS  Eagles & Saints 3:40pm (CT) on Fox

NFL Playoff Bracket 2019: AFC, NFC Divisional Picture, Schedule and Scenarios

Maybe you're like me and bummed out because your team won't be playing in the Big Game this year *tears for the Texans who had such a great season*. Well cheer up buttercup because these NFL Bad Lip Reads will surely bring a smile to your face and may even make ya laugh a little ;) 

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