School Holds "Adulting Day" To Teach Students How To, Well, Be An Adult

A high school in Kentucky recently had their Seniors participate in "Adulting Day" or what I like to call, learning to live in the REAL WORLD. The students spent the day taking classes about how to pay bills, how to change tires, dorm room cooking, how to behave during traffic stops with police officers, and about using credit cards and other general finance topics. Seniors also spoke with members of the Army about a career in the military. Gee why didn't someone think of that sooner?? Oh they did, back when I was in school we were TAUGHT those life skills as part of the curriculum. It was required for our electives! I for one was in the FHA aka Home Economics which I guess this generation of feminists would protest it but I learned SO MUCH by taking that course. From learning how to manage personal finances, how to put together a resume cooking, child care etc etc..Did I become a homemaker? NO but I learned A LOT.

I wish we could get back to those days of schools REQUIRING those type of courses, including shop, auto shop, and other curriculum that prepares the next generation for the REAL WORLD. As I type this, I keep saying I sound like my parents as they would "lecture" me about how it was when they were my age lol but as "prehistoric" as my thinking on this topic may be, I believe it is something that is NEEDED. "Adulting" Day should be EVERYDAY for high school students!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject....comment below and let me know what you think about teaching our young adults TRUE life skills.

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Scroll down to see what high school "looked like" from the 1950's to a few years ago :O


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