The Animal You See First Reveals The Essence Of Your Soul

What Animal Do You See First?

Not that I take much precedence in these visual "quizzes" but I did find this interesting and I actually saw 2 at the same time, a dog.....

according to mystical raven A dog is about loyalty and family. You are selfless when it comes to the needs of those you love. You cherish people lives and happiness above all in this world. You are reliable and outgoing. People feel safe in your company. Your spirit shines bright with love and joy. It is strongly connected to other souls surrounding you.

And a wolf

.Wolf is about privacy. Although these animals are strongly associated with loneliness, they, in fact, live in packs. If you picked the wolf, it means that you prefer a limited social circle. You are picky when it comes to letting someone in because you cherish your time and yourself. Your soul is full of wisdom and serenity. It is tender, so it needs to be protected.

Hmmmm that sounds about right. See what animal you saw says about you here

Tammy Daye

Tammy Daye

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