VIDEO: Growing In The 60's-80's; This Is What Our Childhood Looked Like

^^^^Check out that chubby cheek girl with the awesome bowl haircut wearing her Easter best^^^^^^

Yip it's me with my Aunt Brenda and Uncle Super circa 1971 or 72. OBVIOUSLY lol

Without a doubt when I was growing up things were MUCH different than they are now! Oh I know, EVERY generation says that, but I am seeing things today in our world that I just don't understand and I don't think kids get to be kids anymore in my opinion and that saddens me

Below sharing a short video and a lighthearted look at how kids in the 60's, 70's and early 80's, including myself, "survived"! Personally I remember riding in my dad's lap when he drove, riding in the bed of a pickup truck, playing outside roaming the neighborhood until dusk without any fear, and so on and so forth.... Oh how times have changed and I miss those times immensely! Scroll down to watch the video and, if you are a child of those era's, reminiscence with us and smile at the good times we had :)

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