WATCH: Dog Shows Up During Graduation Ceremony And Steals The Show!

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Ahhhh Graduation time...the time young men and women take a step closer to adulthood! It's a happy time, and for some,a sad time but last week at a ceremony in Alabama, their graduation turned out to be a time they won't soon forget thanks to Charlie.....

Charlie, a pup who belongs to one of the grads, is no stranger to the students. He would often wander to the school to "visit" students while on their breaks so not surprising at the end of the school year he found his way to the school as the graduation ceremony was underway. The students tried to focus and not let the unexpected guest distract them but that was short lived when Charlie decided to, well, leave his mark......

Charlie is a pup that belongs to Logan Branch, one of the grads who lives close by. During the school year he would often wander to visit with the students during their breaks and soon became loved by all at the school. After lingering around for a few moments Charlie stepped forward

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