One Of Our ALL TIME Favorite Movies Turns 39 Today

A movie I have watched LITERALLY a thousand times and never tire of watching is turning 39 today!

Urban Cowboy hit theaters on this day 6/6/1980 and although I was only 11 at that time I LOVED that movie!! It literally hit close to home in more ways than one.. The film, centered around the "going-ons" at the popular honky tonk Gilley's, was shot primarily in Pasadena, Tx. The movie put Gilley's, mechanical bulls, Lonestar beer, Country Music and Houston in the Hollywood spotlight and although this was "new" to the rest of the world at the time, we LIVED it...well not me because AGAIN I was ELEVEN but the story of Bud & Sissy and the Houston nightlife was easily relatable to most everyone here in Southeast Texas. I still watch the movie to this day and feel like it's "ours" because it is, perhaps in an exaggerated Hollywood fashion, the story of MANY of the people I knew as a kid.

Check out the original movie trailer below

And what about that soundtrack?!?!?!? Some of the BEST Country music from the 80's was in this movie. What was your favorite?

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