What Does Kenny Chesney Have To Do With The College World Series?!?!?

Well the 2019 College World Series is underway in Omaha and it kicked off with a Michigan win over the Texas Tech Red Raiders Saturday *sigh*. It wasn't a "shoo-in" for the Wolverines to even be in the tournament. In fact it is the first time in 35 years for Michigan to open an CW series! Which leads to the ? HOW did a team that barely made it into the 64 team tournament come in and upset Texas Tech during the series opener this past Saturday? Well apparently Kenny Chesney is the reason

So HOW does Kenny play into the Wolverine's success at winning baseball games when the majority of the team, until recently, had no idea who Kenny Chesney was? :O

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And don't worry Red Raider fans, Texas Tech isn't out of it just yet...they will face Arkansas, who lost to Florida State, today (6/17)in the tournament at 1pm.

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