It's The End Of The Road SO Auf Wiedersehen Volkswagen Beetle!

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A sad time for America......whoa wait....Volkswagen isn't American. Ok you got me but it's been a big part of American Pop Culture! Who didn't know someone that had one or maybe you had a Beetle..I dated a guy that suped his up :O and had family too that drove VW Beetle's so it's an iconic car and reeks of nostalgia

The Beetle, affectionatley known as the Bug, was first designed in the early 1930's in Germany however assembly was put off due to World War II. and it wasn't until the 50's it's popularity took forward through the Summer Of Love, Disney's Herbie The Love Bug to 1978 when production of the car ceased in it's home Country and production was moved to Mexico, where the ugly-cute car was immensely popular,making it the longest-running and most-manufactured car of a single platform ever made.

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