VIDEO: Mom Is Nearly Paralyzed From Injuries On A Surf Simulator

I came across this story and I felt incredibly terrible for this woman because I had a similar incident happen but thankfully it didn't result in injury just MAJORLY embarrassed. We went to a local water park and I was on a ride when my swimsuit bottom got caught on a conveyor belt and yes, RIPPED it right off!!! Glad I made the decision to wear a t-shirt cover or it would have been REALLY embarrassing and THANK GOODNESS no one caught my incident on video *whew*

In the video (below) you hear the laughs from onlookers who obviously had no idea the severity of the situation at the time when this woman lost her bikini top and then was pulled back into the simulator where she sustained MAJOR injuries! The incident happened back in 2015 but the video has reemerged recently. I wanted to share with so many people flocking to water parks this time of year to remind and make you aware that some of these "water rides" aren't all fun and games. I know it was an ACCIDENT and things happen, just be CAREFUL friends!

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