WATCH: You HAVE To See This Elaborate Sleeping Beauty Proposal!!!

This guy just won over our hearts with this elaborate, yet, incredibly sweet proposal! The amount of effort and thought that went into this is just remarkable. Where does one find an ILLUSTRATOR that is going to put you and your girlfriend into her favorite movie? Think about all of the trouble that he had to do to even find someone that could do it and actually put them IN THE MOVIE, produce the whole thing, etc. etc.

Never mind the task it had to be to go and find a movie theater that is willing to let you fill up one of their theaters with your illustrated Sleeping Beauty? Then somehow get your family and friends IN the theater without his beloved noticing....I mean that is an insane amount of work for a proposal but one of the SWEETEST that we have seen. We just hope these two "live happily ever after"

Watch the "fairy tale" proposal below

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