Legendary Chicken Finger Restaurant Chain Announces New Texas Location

Chicken Fingers

Photo: Getty Images

Beaumont has just welcomed its first Layne's Chicken Fingers location on Tuesday.

The iconic Texas fast casual restaurant chain's newest addition is located at 3635 College Street — a building that was formerly Rex's Chicken, which was only opened from November to April.

According to an official press release, "The new location will give Beaumont residents a chance to find out what has made Layne’s an iconic name in Texas. (Hint: chicken fingers don’t get much crispier than these.)."

Founder Mike Layne first introduced Layne’s Chicken Fingers in College Station close to the Texas A&M college in 1994 before expanding the brand to Houston and the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

What was initially an in-state secret, with four corporate-owned and six franchised eateries launched in The Lone Star State, is on its way to becoming a national treasure starting with a Morgantown outpost in West Virginia. The Layne's team has reportedly been eyeing Madison, Wisconsin, and Northern Virginia, too.

The franchise operator of the Beaumont Layne's is Masroor Fatany, who has been described in the release statement as a seasoned franchisee:

"He has successfully opened and operated five The Halal Guys locations in the Houston area and is now using his expertise to bring Layne’s to Beaumont. Fatany hopes to eventually open five locations throughout the area."

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