Most Cheaters Live In Texas According To New Survey

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Texas, more than any other state, emerges as a questionable location when it comes to honesty. In a recent survey conducted by Solitaire Bliss, the Lone Star State stands out as a center of deception.

This extensive poll, encompassing nearly 2,000 participants, delved into various facets of cheating, from marital affairs to game tactics, diets and even age-related falsehoods.

Astonishingly, Texas emerges as the cheating champion, boasting a score of 63.70, narrowly surpassing Alabama, Nebraska and California.

Texas locals showcase a spectrum of deceit in the following areas:

  • A staggering 77% of Texans admit to diet-related cheating.
  • 51% have been guilty of cutting in line.
  • 45% confess to workplace misconduct.
  • 40% have fibbed about their age.
  • Shockingly, 28% have cheated on their partners.

Conversely, states like New Mexico, Maryland, Minnesota and Missouri emerge as beacons of fidelity.

Nationwide trends reveal diet manipulation (72%), game trickery (44%) and line-cutting (39%) as the most common transgressions. More significant offenses like tax evasion (10%) and minor retail theft (23%) garner lower numbers.

Notably, 22% express regret for cheating on their significant others, while the majority (53%) remain unrepentant.

The irony lies in the unspoken assumption that these statistics themselves are untainted by dishonesty.

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