Fierce Possum Dragged Out Of Texas Football Game After Hilarious Encounter

fierce possum

Photo: Getty Images

There was a clear winner of the recent Texas Tech and TCU game. However, it wasn't the Red Raiders or the Horned Frogs.

Rather, it was an uninvited four-legged visitor.

Storming the field to celebrate or to attract attention during a college football game is definitely an occurrence that fans have seen over and over again. What makes this situation more interesting is when the culprit is a possum, and a very angry one at that.

The peculiar incident unfolded on Thursday night during the first quarter clash between Texas Tech and TCU at Jones AT&T Stadium.

As the clock ticked down, a possum made a surprise appearance, dashing across the field around the 15-yard line, much to the amusement of the spectators.

The Fox Sports broadcast managed to capture the furry invader's mischievous behavior. Stadium staff swiftly intervened, using a snare pole to corral the possum and safely escort it off the field.

Videos of the incident depicted the possum's apparent displeasure, its snarling look expressing its bewilderment at the sudden commotion.

Now already one of the most startling moments of college football this season, the possum's brief but memorable performance on the gridiron will surely stand out as a quirky and unexpected incident.

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