One Of The 'Loneliest' Cities In The Entire Country Is In Texas

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There is a terrifying, yet common feeling that all of us have felt at some point in our lives.

Loneliness, a seemingly innocuous word that wields a profound and haunting influence over countless lives, is this feeling. It serves as a term to encapsulate the deep sense of isolation that can persist even when surrounded by a sea of friends, family or, even, strangers.

According to, some might argue that "social pain" is a more fitting descriptor, as it propels us to seek solace in the company of others when we grapple with this isolation.

Not to mention, the ascendance of individualism in American culture has unsurprisingly paralleled the rise of loneliness in society. In larger cities, the towering skyscrapers and the relentless pace of urban existence have often left people feeling disconnected from one another.

To amplify this disconnection, the recent pandemic has only widened the emotional barriers, forcing individuals to retreat into their homes and further apart from one another.

All of these factors raise the question of which cities in America are the loneliest?

The website uncovers the answer to that question with an article highlighting the top six loneliest cities in the entire country.

Austin is the fourth loneliest city out of all the states:

"Urban loneliness is a very real thing that’s happening and the people of Austin bear witness to it. A 2018 study found out that about 60% of Austin residents are lonely. As the population of the city is rising day by day, it also seems like each and every person is losing him/herself in the crowd.
In order to not be just a face in the crowd, people lead hectic lives to prove themselves unique. In all this, they also end up not having the time to make intimate connections with their family members, friends, or other loved ones.
...Due to the increase in population, there is a lot of demand for housing in Austin. The prices of a house or even renting a place have drastically gone up.
Median Home Price: $482,766
Median Rent: 1,411"

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