Texas City Named One Of The 'Smartest' Cities In The U.S.

Austin, Texas

Photo: Getty Images

Certain cities have populations that go above and beyond, experiencing major success during their lifetimes all thanks to their brains.

These are the "smartest" cities in the entire country, as determined by Study International. The exclusive list of ten locations are known for having residents who attended the top universities in the country and who hold the most desirable jobs we all dream of landing. Median salaries are also higher, which are expected perks that come with amazing careers.

Innovation is more common in such areas, too, as brilliant minds produce brilliant creations, which translates into future forward companies, designs and artwork.

One Texas city landed a spot as the tenth smartest city in America, and that honor goes to Austin:

"Around 32% of adults hold a bachelor’s degree, while 19% have pursued a graduate or professional degree.
Not only is Austin one of the most educated cities in the US, but it is also the largest city on this list. The city has become a significant technology hub in the South.
Austin hosts major tech companies like Facebook, Google, and Dell, benefiting from its pro-business environment. The city’s economy is also dominated by sectors like aerospace, clean technology, and data management.
Located in Texas, it is home to several higher education institutions, with UT-Austin alone accommodating over 50,000 students."

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