The Best-Selling Car In Texas Is An Interesting Choice

Black Lamborghini sports car in motion

Photo: Getty Images

We couldn't accomplish the majority of our daily tasks without the help of cars. Simply put, they are an undeniable cornerstone of our nation's contemporary society.

For instance, we rely on our cars for our commutes to work or school and take them on fun road trips where endless possibilities of memories can be made. They represent convenience and freedom, and a lot of drivers would agree that choosing the right ones for us to keep for years to come is not a light decision.

Not to mention, cars transform not only our journeys, but our identities as well, as they can offer key insights into our unique personalities, lifestyles and environments. put together a list of the most popular vehicles in each state, and the results are certainly interesting:

"Big surprise: People love pickup trucks, especially the Ford F-150. Out of all 50 states, 32 had pickup trucks as their most popular vehicles. And out of those 32, 20 were the F-150. Only three states had sedans as their most popular cars. The rest were SUVs or crossovers."

In Texas, the best-selling car is the Ford F-150. The share of all new car sales equates to 5.5 percent.

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