Local Texas Restaurant Recognized For Having The 'Best Fried Chicken'

Close-Up Of Fried Chicken On Plate

Photo: Getty Images

Like many of our country's most beloved dishes, fried chicken is definitely enjoyable in various different forms.

The hallmark of the most delicious fried chicken lies in its crispy exterior, layering tender meat, within that can be transformed with different seasoning options.

Across the United States, local restaurants can offer Southern-style hot chicken, Korean fried chicken or street food-inspired fried chicken, much to the delight of guests and their taste buds.

Beyond its culinary benefits, fried chicken also possesses as a unique ability to bring people together, as it can often be served in social settings with shareable plates. It's both a comfort food and a party favorite.

Taste Of Home has unveiled the absolute top fried chicken eateries in every state:

"Winner winner, chicken dinner! From traditional to anything-but-ordinary, these are the spots serving the best fried chicken recipe in each state."

In Texas, the best fried chicken can be ordered at Chuy’s in Austin:

"People go crazy over the Elvis Green Chile Fried Chicken at Chuy’s (which has now become a national chain). Smothered in spicy green chile sauce and cheddar cheese, the chicken itself gets its crunchy coating from one special secret ingredient: Lay’s potato chips. We can’t get enough Lay’s!"

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